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Back, Back, Back and Forth like Aalyiah, is how the messages were flowing between Dali and Disney. But the question remains, why? While Walt has always been associated with safe, family friendly animated storytelling, on the low, Disney also was into some eccentric shit. So it should come as no surprised that he built a creative camaraderie with Dali, even if it was just for a hot minute. Now lets keep in mind, their styles, their personalities differed dramatically, but they found common ground in their fascination for the fantastic. It was this fandom for each other’s imaginative realms that evolved into “Destino,” an illmatic-ass concept for an animation. This project from its inception was a true Sound of Art, Dali used a Spanish ballad, not only as the soundtrack to the animation but also for the title, Destino. Then comes the struggle…Dali saw Destino as one thing and Disney as another, from plot to description. See if you asked Dali, Destino was “a magical exposition of life in the labyrinth of time”, while Disney’s vision for it was “a simple love story — boy meets girl.” See the problem. Dali was just too much of a wild child for Disney, and since the project was hemorrhaging money, Disney discreetly pulled the plug on the joint. But after its all said and done, they remained boys, and years later the project was resurrected and completed under the supervision of Walt’s nephew, Roy. Dali, Disney or not, this project had a “destino” all its own.