Apr5 Bordering Imaginary


Thursday, Apr.5th., 10-6pm
Gallery at BRIC House
647 Fulton Street
(Enter on Rockwell Place)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Til Apr. 29th

Dominican, Haitian or Not; the existence of this exhibit says a lot about the significance of these two small nations and their historic and intercultural relationship. Why do I say significant? Because of their contributions to the US(specifically NYC) and because my existence is the result of their relationship.

Bordering the Imaginary: Art from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and their Diasporas investigates the complicated relationship between the Dominican Republic and Haiti—two nations that share a single island. The exhibition features work in a wide array of media by 19 Dominican and Haitian artists, based in both their native countries and in the United States. The artists draw on their experiences of difference, movement, and immigration to create a collective visual narrative that exposes inequalities and stereotypes of race, gender, and sexuality, which have plagued the island since the 15th century. Their work also displays the vitality of the visual arts in their communities. Through the exhibition, exhibition catalogue, and public programs, Bordering the Imaginary will reveal the complexities of a historically shifting transnational border space and the formation of distinct but intertwined nations.

CURATED BY: Abigail Lapin Dardashti, Franco-Dominican Ph.D. candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center and specialist in postwar Latin American art.

ARTISTS: Vladimir Cybil Charlier, Edouard Duval-CarriéPatrick Eugèneiliana emilia garciaScherezade GarciaLeah Gordon with André Eugène & Evel Romain from atis rezistansFabiola Jean-LouisTessa MarsPascal MeccarielloGroana Melendez, Alex MorelRaquel PaiewonskyRaúl RecioFreddy RodríguezJulia Santos SolomonNyugen E. SmithRoberto Stephenson