Apr26 New Era Aitken


Thursday,Apr.26st., 10-6pm
303 Gallery

555 W 21st Street
New York, NY 10011

Ever think what our life would be like without Martin Cooper. You know, Martin Cooper, the dude that invented the first cellular phone, back in 1973. The real question is what is life gonna be like because of Martin Cooper. This exhibit by Doug Aitken helps to explore that.

New Era explores the technological ambivalence of contemporary culture, raising philosophical questions about the challenges of immediate access to communication and network while we distance ourselves from our metaphysical being. 

This immersive installation of moving images, expanding architecture and surrounding sound creates a “liquid environment”. The exhibition is set within a hexagonal pavilion built into the gallery space, featuring three projectors set opposite to three mirrored walls. Together, the walls become a 3-dimensional screen—a structure that at once holds and reflects images in a continuous loop, creating a vast and dynamic visual tapestry. The viewer “entering” the screen is no longer a spectator but an interlocutor. The screen dissolves the viewer into a hallucinatory world, distorting their sense of time and self. The work reflects how technology allows for connection, knowledge and communication to take place at light speed.