Let’s See It.

Starting with the End .

This is the intro to the end of the year. Most people want to make December about snow, a trespassing fat man, desecrating of our natural forests in the name of tradition. We, at SOALife, look at December differently; we look at the twelfth month as a time where artists go commercial and make their works accessible to any and everybody who is willing to own them or gift them to someone else. We do our part to make these artist accessible to you. We do our part to bringing you a lil Miami, during its Art Basel weekend. We do our part to remind you when the birth dates of some of the greats are this happening, we inform you of exhibits that may challenge you views on what the significance of these global December holidays. We are here to remind  you, its the end of the year, have fun like your starting all over again. 

Now, in a perfect world,
I probably won’t be

Cold as December
but never remember
what Winter did

-Kendrick Lamar