Let’s See It.

Wednesday, Nov.17th.

Why Lucia is our WCW….

Artist Lucia Hierro, has been our WCW at different points of 2017. Lucia is a conceptual artist from the ‘hood(Washington Heights, NYC), that got her MFA from the Yale School of Art, like “Whaaaat!!” In 2017, continued on her path through success, while simultaneously reppin’ her Dominican/Latina culture, either through her work, her presence or combination of the two.  She achieved this using several platforms, from exhibiting her work via a well respected gallerist, Elizabeth Dee. having her work amplified in size and consuming major museum wall space(Sugar Hill Museum in Harlem), having her work travel and touch museums and universities(via the Black Pulp exhibit), having been invited to a artist talk…in Paris. Keep crushin’ fam. Check her video (above) on how she crushed ’17