Let’s Celebrate It.

Friday, Dec.29th.

Wow. Siquieros would have been 121 yrs old today…

Its hard to wish¬†someone a Happy Birthday, that you¬†don’t know, so get to know David Alfaro Siquieros through the video (above).

But here are 5 facts that can help condense what you need to know about this Mexican muralist…

  1. He developed new technical processes for outdoor murals, including the use of airbrushes to apply paint.
  2. He also teamed up with Diego Rivera, a fellow muralist and hard-core leftist, and Javier Guerrero, to start El Machete, the weekly paper that became the official mouthpiece for the country’s Communist Party.
  3. He was the executive Secretary of the Mexican Communist Party in 1959.
  4. In 1930 he served a term in prison for revolutionary agitation.
  5. He commonly used synthetic lacquer colours sprayed from paint guns in order to speed up the process of decorating large public buildings.