Let’s Do It.

Saturday, Dec.30th. 

Burn the Bad away.


A great symbolic way to start anew, atop of a new year, destroy the old bad to make room for the new good. I don’t think anyone living in America…no fuck that…anyone living on the planet, can deny that the “Trump-as-US-President-version-of-2017” was a fuckery of a trip around the sun, for everyone.

So with that in mind, lets relieve ourselves, one day before the new year begins, by finding anything Trump and burning it as a symbol of “OK, we made it through that “hellafied” year and now lets leave it behind in ashes”. Hopefully the forces to combat Trump’s negative presence can arise from the ashes to make 2018 a better year for one and all.

Destroy and Build and Destroy and Rebuild…is the creative process.