Let’s See It. Friday August, 4th. 10am-4pm
Pace Gallery
510 West 25th Street

New York NY 10001

Not bad, huh, for some immigrants?
Build your fences, we digging tunnels
Can’t you see we gettin money up under you?

This exhibit reminds the borders are as imaginary as experiencing the American Dream.

Richard Misrach | Guillermo Galindo: Border Cantos, an artistic collabo between American photographer Richard Misrach and Mexican-American experimental composer Guillermo Galindo. Border Cantos is a multi-sensory meditation on the unseen realities of immigration today. Through the disembodied evidence of immigrants’ travels, these artists immerse viewers in an audiovisual experience of the U.S.-Mexico border that bears witness to the 1000s who cross it, often tragically, each year.