American Woman

Let’s See It: Friday, July 7th. 10am-6pm

Sundaram Tagore Chelsea
547 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

Whatever he can do, she can do…better? That’s what I thought to myself as soon as found out that New York artist Susan Weil introduced Rauschenberg to a technique for making blueprints (which she had learned as a kid) and later married this legend of modern art. But after their split, she continued to make a name for herself, with her paintings, mixed media works and even bookmaking…and she don’t stop.

Now hear disSundaram Tagore Chelsea presents Susan Weil: Now and Then, an exhibition of new sculptural paintings and drawings alongside a selection of mixed-media works from past series that combine figurative illustration and photography with explorations of movement, time and space

For this exhibition, Weil has produced new work, including three engraved spatial pieces that highlight her love of drawing. Always willing to try new mediums, she uses malleable poplar plywood, bent and formed to breathe movement and dimensionality into a trio of refined line drawings. Once shaped, these sculptural works come alive, seemingly twisting and pulling free from the wall that holds them.