Ashley Teamer Who I am


Opening Day
Thursday, May.3rd.(6-8pm)
Fort Gansevoort Gallery

5 9th Ave
New York, NY 10014

Mainly because New Orleans-born artist, Ashley Teamer, created a piece(above), titled, Who Am I, is why I feel compelled to go check her exhibit this week. Why that piece? Because this being the month I dedicate to sharing WHO I AM, with all of you, I feel like an art piece addressing identity is apropos. Although I’m not huge on sports anymore, I can still appreciate the Teamer’s use of its players as the content of her works. Check it for yourself.

Teamer is an abstract painter, at times using collage as her paint. She was brought to the subject of basketball while searching for a source for her abstractions, one that would be rich with recognizable symbols and act as abstract forms. Basketball shoes were her first steps into a world of sports and more specifically basketball imagery, now consuming her practice. Even when placed into a realm of abstraction, these shapes and figures successfully draw the viewer in through the use of a visual language that is widely spoken and revered.