Let’s See It.

Saturday, Nov.25th.
Talking Statues
Circle at 110th street, (8th Ave)

Harlem, NYC

The talking statue of Frederick Douglass in  Harlem, is just one of 35 statues that you can listen to.

Talking Statues is an original Danish project that started in Copenhagen, giving voices to the statues through modern technology for the first time in the world. It became a huge success and later was realized in the cities of Helsinki, London, San Diego, Berlin, Chicago and other places.

We have chosen the statues for the project from 3 different angles – first of all, there will be historical statues telling us the story of New York City, how the city started and how the statues became a part of it. Secondly, we have chosen the statues erected by immigrants in memory of their culture. And then the project will have statues of famous artists, who have become an important part of New York City.

When a nigga blow up
they gonna build statues for me