Let’s See It.

The GIF Elevator
Sunday, Nov.5th. 1030am-6pm
Museum of the Moving Image
36-01 35 Ave. 

Astoria, NY 11106

This video art installation is a real “trip”, so brace yourself for a ride that goes beyond, up and down.

Today the GIF is an important site of cultural and artistic expression, an established and pervasive moving image form defined in part by silence, brevity, shareability, and most importantly, the loop. The GIF Elevator features newly commissioned GIFs by six artists, animators, and illustrators who represent some of the most important and influential GIF makers working today. Each artist has created four original GIFs that will be presented as two-month installations on the walls and ceiling of the Museum’s elevator, an exhibition environment that offers a unique and intimate encounter with the work.

We moving on up in the world like elevators

-Big Boi, Outkast