Opening Night Challenge: Chelsea, NYC

Lets See It: Thursday, June 29th. Starts 6pm

Chelsea Art District between Tenth and Eleventh avenues and 18th and 28th streets.

Traditionally, Thursday is that day of the week that is mostly reserved for opening night in the art gallery scene. Chelsea is one of New York City most well established art districts. So here is your mission, if you choose to accept…Attend twelve(12) gallery openings on this one night.

Attending an opening is more than just walking inside the gallery, more will be required of you. Attending a gallery opening will include the following:

  • Taking a photo of your favorite piece of that exhibit.
  • Taking a photo of your least favorite piece of that exhibit.
  • Taking a photo of the exhibit info./price sheet(which would show the name of the art exhibit, gallery and artist)
  • Taking a photograph of the refreshment they are serving before you consume it.

Share all your photos on any social media outlet (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) and add #openingnight #chelsea #artchallenge

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I can guarantee you, it will be one hell of a night.